Sites for writers

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You. On the web. Zero effort.

So here’s the thing: we all sort of know that having a website is more or less a necessity in this digital age, even if it’s just a place to hang your cv. But actually setting it up can be somewhat daunting. You’re a writer, not a web designer; where do you start? So you never get around to it. Years go by.

The right site

You don't want to spend a fortune on a bespoke, custom-built-from-the-ground-up site – seriously, that kind of thing can cost thousands. You just want something that you can buy off-the-peg, that is designed with writers in mind from the get-go, and that is easy to update when you want to.

Oh, and if it came pre-filled with your best stuff so that you didn't have to set it up yourself at all… then that would be great. Right?

And does such a thing exist? Apparently not. So I built one.

What’s good about it?

Show me

Sure thing! There’s a demo site available for you to explore; it’s all dummy content and much of it’s nonsense, but still, you get the idea.

How much?

Each site costs £395 + VAT (ooh, but did you see the Xmas promotion?) – which is at least a thousand quid less than having a site custom-built to meet your writerly needs. And in return for this knock-down bargain price, I get all the messy technical stuff off your radar. Specifically, it pays for:

1 the first 3-5 entries for each section, depending upon how many sections you want to have

Some things that are not included in the flat price (since you may not need them):

1 these recurring fees are paid to the web hosting company, not to me. If I arrange hosting & domain purchase for you, I’ll make the first payments to the web hosts on your behalf and add them to the cost of the site with no markup

2 Technical support or design changes are charged at £35/hour, but it’s cheaper if you buy blocks of hours in advance. (5 hrs = £150, 10 hrs = £250). You can buy these blocks of support at any time, just email me.

Yay! I want one. How do I get one?

Easily! Contact me, Rick Lecoat. I'll walk you through what I need from you (your site content, basically, but it needs to fit certain loose parameters), and I’ll make sure that the technical stuff, like web hosting, is taken care of. Eventually I'll get this ‘placing an order’ side of things a bit more automated, but for the time being, just

email me at: hello [at] zerohorse [dot] com